• On which devices can Tellie be used?
    Use Tellie in your Browser (PC/Mac) and on your smartphone / tablet via the Telie App. We recommend Chrome oder Chromium based Browser for the best meeting experience. Firefox can be used with limited functions, Safari is not recommended.
  • Who can I turn to if I have questions?
    Unfortunately we cannot offer a support hotline for all customers. Please send us an email to info@tellie.eu if you need support. We offer service level agreements for corporate clients who need a dedicated support.
  • How do participants connect to a video-meeting?
    For browser-based participation just a link is neeed. Send your guests the meeting link via messenger or email. The link can be found and copied in the "meeting rooms" page (login to Tellie first). The link looks like this: https://meet.tellie.eu/Roomname. Don't forget to also send the meeting PIN to your guests. App users enter the meeting-room name in the input box in the app. That's it.
  • Is there a host to the meeting?
    Yes. The participant who used to HOST-PIN to log into the meeting is assigned the host role. The host is able to kick participants or mute them.
  • Do participants just enter the meeting or is there a waiting zone?
    A waiting zone is currently not implemented. Every meeting has its own Meeting PIN, so no unsolicited users should enter your meeting. You can change the meeting PIN (and the host PIN as well) in the "Meeting Rooms" area of the Tellie website (login first). We must inform you although that test meetings are not secured by a PIN oder password and can be entered by other users anytime. So do not use these for private conversations but for tests only.
  • How can I test Tellie?
    On the "Join Meeting" page just enter a made up meeting-room name. The room will be created for you and you can enter and invite additional participants. Tests rooms are not secure, do not use them for private conversations but for testing purposes only!
  • Can someone join a meeting via call-in?
    Yes! You find the dial-in number in the room settings.
  • Can I record my video-meeting?
    No. This feature is disabled for security reasons. We do not record or save anything that happens in your meeting room.

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