• Nothing to download on your computer
  • Runs in the browser or as an app on your mobile device
  • Choose your own meeting room names
  • Invite your guests by sending them a link to click
  • For private and business use
  • Host functions: mute or kick participants
  • Desktop sharing
  • HD video and audio quality
  • Join conferences via dial-in (German phone number)

Tellie focuses on the essentials

Everything you really need is there. We think using Tellie should be easy for everyone, so we avoided everything complicated.

Many good reasons for Tellie.

We built Tellie to provide a secure, easy-to-use and fair service for your video meetings. The basis is the open source software Jitsi www.jitsi.org in combination with our security features.

Hosted in Europe

Tellie servers are hosted in German data centers with ISO 27001 certification.
We guarantee the best uptime for all our customers.

Secure Video-Meetings

Secure Server, Open Source Software, Encryption, password security for meetings, no recording of anything


All Video- and Audio-Data is encrpyted between your browser (or app) and our servers.

Data privacy

We protect your personal data - no unsolicited mails, no trackers, no analytics, no third-parties.

No Tracking, no analytics

We mean private. Our Apps do not use trackers or analytics provider, no third party connections whatsoever.

Open Source

Tellie is based on the open source project jitsi.org. We are hosting the Jitsi video servers for our customers providing additional functions for the secure everyday use.

Service level agreements

We offer service level agreements to corporate clients. Please contact our support team: support@tellie.eu

Fair price model

Our plans are affordable for everyone.

Register for free and try it out for as long as you want

We offer permanently free access with up to 3 participants to try out. If you like our service, you can optionally upgrade for a fee to hold larger video conferences.

Sign up, it's free