Terms of Use

In the following we refer to the service provider workingbits GmbH, Beethovenallee 4, 53173 Bonn as "Tellie" or "service provider".

The user of the service at tellie.eu and meet.tellie.eu is subsequently named as a "user", "organizer" (this is a user who organizes an online meeting using the paid functions of the service) or "participant" (this is a user who participates in participates in an organized online meeting).

These conditions apply to the use of the services at tellie.eu and meet.tellie.eu.
The terms of use apply when a user

a) Registered as a user on tellie.eu
b) takes part in an online meeting at meet.tellie.eu

They apply both to the free test of the services and to the paid use with an expanded range of functions.

Description of the service
The service includes the provision of an online video meeting server, the provision of software for organization and participation available via the browser (via https://meet.tellie.eu) or a smartphone or tablet app that can be installed via the app stores at an online meeting. Sufficient Internet access and a powerful terminal with audio and, if necessary, are required to use the services. Video equipment is required. The service cannot be used in the same way across all currently available browsers. Further information can be found on the website at tellie.eu in the "Support" area.

Scope of the variants of the service

a) Free test
The user can test the service free of charge. No registration is required for this. The user can hold an online meeting with a limited number of participants and limited time in a freely chosen meeting room. The meeting room is not password-protected, i.e. Third parties can join the meeting. This variant of the service is therefore only suitable for testing purposes and should not be used to exchange private content

b) Paid services
The services and their scope of services are described on the website of the service. The use of these services requires a user to be registered, both in order to provide specific services for this user and to be able to bill the contract with this user.

c) Services for participants
The participants invited by the organizer of an online meeting can attend the meeting without registration and without submitting personal data.

Dealing with the necessary data
In order to use our service, the organizer of an online meeting must register with personal data. A test of the service without registration can be made possible by the provider. When registering, the user must provide truthful information that will enable the contractual relationship to continue to run smoothly.

While using the service, audio and video data of all participants are transmitted to all other participants. The organizer of the online meeting is responsible for ensuring that he and the other participants treat this data confidentially and do not pass it on to third parties. This also applies to transmitted passwords that allow access to meetings and services for the organizer.

Data protection by the service provider
As a service provider, we are subject to the strict requirements of European data protection law. For details, please refer to our privacy policy at

Tellie is not responsible for the uninterrupted availability of the service or its suitability for a particular purpose. The service is expressly provided without guarantee. We expressly point out that the service can fail at any time for technical reasons. It is therefore not suitable for critical applications.

Tellie is also not liable for the content transmitted by the users, neither towards other participants nor towards third parties, unless Tellie had knowledge of the violation of the rights of third parties and had the opportunity to prevent them by taking suitable measures.
Tellie is not responsible for the undesirable participation of third parties in online meetings that result from the disclosure of passwords or technical defects in the product.

Tellie is liable insofar as a liability exclusion is not possible under German law within the framework of the legal minimum requirements.

The service may not be used to distribute copyrighted material to the participants of the
online meeting without the author's consent or to transmit it to third parties.

Chargeable services
Some of the services are chargeable. The user is advised of the costs when booking a fee-based service and must explicitly confirm the order. The services can be ordered once for a fixed period or for several consecutive periods in the form of a subscription.

After ordering the fee-based service, Tellie has the right to collect the user fees due by engaging a payment service provider via a credit card or other payment methods on basis of a valid mandate. The mandate can be used by Tellie for recurring payments also.

If payment is not received, Tellie has the right to discontinue the service.

Tellie can adjust usage fees at any time. Tellie can cancel current subscriptions at any time with a notice period of 30 days and reimburse subscription payments already made.

Tellie has the right to stop the service at any time without reason. In this case, all payments made for the future must be returned to the respective user.

Users are prohibited from reselling or brokering the services provided by Tellie to third parties. Use is restricted to your own business or private purposes.

Changes to this agreement
Tellie has the right to change this agreement and to make the changes available to users in an appropriate manner. In the event of a significant change, the user has an immediate right of termination. If the user does not object to the change, it will take effect one week after the user receives the information.

Applicable law and place of jurisdiction
German law applies, place of jurisdiction is Bonn.

Bonn, 27.04.2020